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Angry Mwana is one of Zimbabwe’s leading animated online TV series.

It’s an animated Sitcom which features a cast of hilarious characters led by

Angry Mwana, the show’s ranting leading infant character.

The show has multiple formats with the main online versions being 1-2 minute episode skits,

With longer 5-10 minute episodes as well as a movie planed for the future.

Angry Mwana boasts one of the fasted growing social media audiences in Zimbabwe with over 500,000 views.

Angry Mwana episodes are brand and product placement driven, with companies partnering with the series to promote their brands.

Angry Mwana is released online on Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.



Tsano is angry mwana’s main accomplice and stands in as Angry Mwana’s guardian. Tsano is a more lackadaisical character and not intellectually astute,

He is constantly being corrected and educated by the characters that surround him.

Tsano predominatley speaks shona and is always struggling to communicate in the English Language.


Gonzo is a street savy rat who suddenly appeared in the household where Angry Mwana lives.

He has since become part of the family and provides comic relief in the animated series.

Gonzo represents the lower income group and is constantly hustling for ways live comfortably

Jah Ellah

Jah Ella is a Rasta Farian conductor for the commuter omnibus in Angry Mwana’s neighbourhood.

Jah Ella also represents the low income working class group and not fully educated. He is a self opinionated character and is highly sociable.


Esnut is introduced as the maid saught out to take care of Angry Mwana.

Esnut is mostly represented as the motherly role in the series, always making sure the house is neat and everyone is fed.

Esnut is also a very beautiful, bubbly character that has many male suiters in the series.




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